Echo Eliminator™ Wall Panels

Sound wave

Echo Eliminator is a high-performance acoustic absorbing material made from recycled cotton. These can be utilized as wall panels or hanging baffles.

Find Your Acoustical Balance

Echo Eliminator is ideal for noise control applications. These panels are eligible for LEED™ credits, and provide a high-performance solution that is simple to install, durable, and safe.

Better Projects Start with Better Materials

See why working with high-performance materials makes a difference in your finished product. Check out Echo Eliminator’s product specs to get a better idea of how Echo Eliminator can elevate your next project.

Echo Eliminator™ Panel – Sound Absorption Coefficients

1" 3lb/cfA0.080.310.791.011.000.990.80
2" 3lb/cfA0.350.941.321.
1" 6lb/cfA0.070.300.861.

Echo Eliminator™ Baffle – Sabins/Baffle

1" x 2' x 4'2.434.938.3412.3515.5716.7310.30
2" x 2' x 4'2.406.5512.8617.4618.4916.7713.85
Sound wave

An Aesthetic For Every Project


Bring high-performance acoustical solutions in a variety of colors to your next project.


Light Grey


Marble Light Blue



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